Why Hire A Coach ?

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Injury Free Running

  1. I will formulate both a structured and progressive plan

A structured training plan is a progressive running plan. Building upon a previous cycle of work load. Most injuries occur because runners do too much too soon. I make  sure  your  training is  progressively achievable, thus preventing injury.

According to research, up to 80 percent of athletes get injured.  A coach is a small investment for staying injury-free and of course being injured less often means training more consistently. Training more consistently, you become a much better athlete.

The Risk Of Over Training

2.  I will teach you to manage different training loads

Which will help you avoid common training errors, such as, too much too soon, not enough rest and recovery time, the right tempo in a training & racing. You must know when to run at 80% and when to run harder. You will learn how to maximize your potential, with as little training as possible, by varying both distance & intensity within your plan. It is now how much training you do, but what the training actually is !

Realistic Goals & Objectives

3.  You must have realistic goals & objectives

If you have a specific goal, you too can benefit from a coach. This may be a specific time goal for say, your first Triaathlon, or a specific event, such as the London Marathon. I will let you know what is realistic, and more important, what it will take [to meet those goals], and showing you how get there.

You Must Be Focused (and motivated)

4. You must be consistsent and stay motivated

Staying consistent means staying motivated. Once the motivation strays, you are not focused or  commited and the training suffers. As a coach I can make sure you are focused and commited to your short and long term goals.




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