who do I coach

I am a former UK Endurance Coach of 20 years and coach endurance to athletes across all levels.

Primarily I Coach :

  • 60% Runners
  • 40% Triathletes


I would say, over the past 20 years I have coached more female athletes. In the last 2 years however,Β  I would say I coach more male athletes.

Β Location:

  • 80% UK
  • 20% are overseas

Age profile

  • 01% younger than 25
  • 34% 25 - 35
  • 38% 36 - 45
  • 27% 45 +

New To Marathon Running

I have taken many runners through to their first Marathon, some having only completed a 10km race ! It is relatively easy to coach a person to the finish line, after looking at their times for say a 10km or half Marathon.

However you must be realistic and I would not recommend anyone to run a full Marathon, without having first completed a Half Marathon in under or very close to 2hrs. I coached three female athletes through to their debut Marathon this year.

All three came to Spain on a number of occasions to train with me. Two were running around 2hrs 2min for a Half Marathon, whilst the third was much faster. They all finished, saying they felt great and could have run faster, thank goodness !

The problem is,

β€œYou don't know what you don't know.”

If you have not done a Marathon, you do not appreciate, the training that is necessary and just how far it is.

I have e mails, asking me if their park runs on weekends will get them through to their first Marathon !!!

I am here to help you, just ask

Endurance Running