Specific Distance Plans

Don't know which plan to choose? Let us recommend the right plan for you

Training Plans

All plans have three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. If you have an up and coming race, you can choose one of our specific plans based on your race distance.

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Middle Distance Plan

Improve your middle distance, race speed with our 800m and mile plan.

Example of 1500m Plan

3km training plan

3Km & 2 Mile plan

Improve your 10km and get faster over the shorter distances

Example of 3km & 2 mile Plan

5km training plan online

5Km & Park Runs

Your friends will have no idea, why your Park Runs are so much faster.

10km training plan

Improve your 10Km

A faster 10km race pace, means your Marathon pace is faster !


Your next 1/2 could be your fastest

We believe that training at various paces, including intervals is best for longer distance runners.


Improve your endurance

Improve your Marathon race pace with our Multi-Paced training system,



Infinity & Beyond

Your first Ultra, don't worry, with these plans, it makes it all worthwhile and easy.

12 week running plan

12 Week Bespoke Plans

Want to improve your 5km and 10km times, then try a bespoke plan for you

12 week training plan Beginners

Beginners Bespoke

Your friends will have no idea, how you have improved, why tell them !


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