“ I came to Paul as a result of a continuous cycle of training and getting injured, my main goal was to keep injury free and just enjoy myself. The programme has included sessions, specifically tailored to my ability and being a progressive programme there is much less chance of injury. I have been with Paul now for 6 months and tried to do exactly as he has asked. I have done almost every session, ( you are more inclined to stick to a plan, if you are paying ! ) and have had no problems at all but better than that, I have enjoyed every minute of it.”   Alan - Bristol

Triathlon coach
James Triathlete

I was a little apprehensive, all the coaching taking place online. However Pauls been incredibly beneficial. Having improved my endurance in all areas. Paul certainly knows his stuff, cant rate him highly enough.

Jose after Javea Triathlon
Jose Triathlete

Its been a great year for me and Paul has played a huge part. The progressive structured training has helped to keep me focused. Anyone could download an Ironman programme and complete a race, but to reach your full potential and not get injured along the way is fabulous, invaluable for me.

Tri training coach
Mandy Duathlete

I look back now and yes, I was over training, just training blindly and doing as much as my body would allow. Some days even training tired just to get the miles in ! Paul taught me how to train less but get more from my training. My sessions were very long, now I do many more sessions but they are shorter and it has worked. Paul always says, bite size chunks but lots of them.

John Triathlete

Your coaching has helped me both mentally and physically, to be prepared for my race. Having been coached for 6 months, I felt confident on the start line. The Triathlon Camp was excellent and I will do everything to get there at Easter, see you soon.

Triathlete coaching
John Triathlete

I was quite unfit and decided, as I new Paul was a coach, he could help. I started running in 2012 and Paul has been my coach and mentor ever since. I have completed numerous 10km, Half Marathons and Half Ironman events. Paul is a great motivator and keeps me focused for my next event.

Triathlon running Coach online
Juan Triathlon

I needed a warmer climate and wished to focus on a single Triathlon event, so I chose to leave the UK and join Paul in Spain. I looked at Pauls resume and was very impressed and knew he could help me build my endurance. Had a great week with, completed a Triathlon and learnt so much, about quality and not quantity !

Steve Triathlete
Steve Triathlete

After entering my first Triathlon I found running was my weakest leak.  I knew I needed help from Paul. In just six weeks, I could see my endurance had improved over all events. I cant recommend Paul highly enough.

Proud to finish
Sade’s Triathlon

I used to train at the same pace every day. Now I train at different paces every day, I have now reduced my training volume and by training smarter I have found it easier to train without being tired. I don't think of it as training any more, but a journey and with the training being so varied, it makes the journey much more enjoyable journey.

Tom Ultra Runner
Tom 100km

I’ve done two ultra marathons in two weekends. Somehow managed to win one of them. You definitely helped me with my training, thanks. Your Running schedule was fun and it worked a treat.

A Private Camp

How Do Private Camps Work?

Private camps are the perfect solution for athletes who wish to focus on very specific skills or areas of their performance. You may have your own group of friends and want a camp built just for your group. Usually the size of the group is relatively small, say 3 to 8 athletes.

Private camps are a time-efficient economical way to create an unparalleled athletic experience, moving your training and fitness to the next level.

Private camps start with a blank sheet of paper and a consultation via e-mail. We listen to what you wish to accomplish, your goals and objectives. If you don't know exactly what you want, that's fine just ask.

Endurance Running