Paul’s resume

Paul Fletcher B.EdΒ  Dip.

Voted British Masters Athlete of the Year 2019

Triple European Champion

800m-1500m &10000m 2019

Gold Medals in Italy
Distance Location Championships Result Date
10,000m Italy European Gold 2019
1500m Italy European Gold 2019
800m Italy European Gold 2019
1500m Poland World Bronze 2019
4km Team Alicante European Bronze 2018
3000m Poland World 4th 2019
1500m Malaga World 4th 2018
800m Malaga World 7th 2018
3000m Madrid European 7th 2018
1500m Madrid European 7th 2018

Paul’s 10km progression from Feb 2016 to April 2019

Distance Location Time Cat. Position Date
10km Denia 36:33 1st Apr2019
10km Denia 37:14 1st Apr2018
10km Javea 37:29 1st Feb2018
10kmm Denia 39:35 1st Apr2017
10km Javea 44:15 5th Feb2017
10km Gata 53:02 38th Apr2016
10km Javea 55:52 45th Feb2016

Endurance Running