Coaching for Runners

We have created individual training plans and provide advice suitable for beginners to elite level athletes and offer the following three options

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Race Plans

From 800m to 50km

If you have an up and coming race, you can choose one of our race plans. We have a full library of race plans from 800m to 85km. So if you wish to improve your mile time or 1/2 Marathon just choose that plan. You may wish to try your first Ultra 50km or 85km, from beginner to the veteran runner, we have the plan for you. If you wish to see a sample week, just click on a plan

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Bespoke Plans




12 Week Custom Plan

A one-off bespoke training plan. Ideal for:

  • A runner looking to get back their fitness.
  • A runner training for a specific race, from a 5km to 65km
  • A Beginner running for their first time and not sure of where to start.
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Full Coaching


  • Designed for the serious runner who wants to fulfill their potential.
  • A full year of bespoke planning and coaching
  • Your very own specific coach
  • Customised Run Plan
  • Unlimited communication
  • Race planning & strategy
  • Injury prevention


Your first step...

Click on the link and choose a training plan...