My plant based diet !

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My diet usually consists of 90% salads and 20% protein based on meat or fish. I often go for days without any meat or fish. Not by choice as such, just my current life style.

So why change my diet now ?

Two reasons really:

  1. I quite like animals and have always had pets, so killing any animal, well just it’s not right. Don’t get me wrong I love a beef burger…
  2. I am very competitive, having just come back from Italy with 3 Gold medals, I wish to repeat this again. If changing my diet gives me that extra advantage, I will change today.

Game Changers, looks at myth of a diet without meat !

Just look around at other athletes, who have a plant based diet:

Scott Jurek A fabulous, American ultra-marathoner

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Body Builder

Carl Lewis – Ten Olympic Gold medals

Murray Rose – Four Olympic Gold medals

Mike Tyson – Heavyweight champion of the world.

Venus Williams started following a plant based diet in 2011… and the list goes on.

Over the past couple of years I have met athletes who’s diets are plant based but are running very well. I suppose I should not have said but ! The problem is, we all think that you need meat and fish to get the protein you need. I believe now that this is not true and it is just good marketing by the meat industry.

What is a plant based diet ?

A plant-based diet is a diet that focuses on foods derived from plants. Include fruit, vegetables, grains, pulses, legumes, nuts soy products.

You don’t have to keep strictly to an all plant based diet, you may decide to eat fish as part of your diet, this is then a Pescatarian diet.

Whilst other people decide to eat a small amounts of animal products such as meat and fish this is a flexitarian diet.

People who don’t eat meat or fish but still include dairy and eggs are referred to as vegetarian. A person who cuts out all food derived from animals is a Vegan.

A person following a plant-based diet, providing they eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and pulses will be eating a far healthier diet than most and will meet their five-a-day-target. Due to this, they are not likely to need any supplements

Technically, products such as refined sugar, white flour and certain vegetable fats can all be labelled ‘plant-based’ I however will be giving up refined sugar and all processed foods.

Are plant-based diets healthy?

Plant-based diets can be healthy, it just dependents upon a person’s knowledge, which in turn is the quality their diet. Which means reading as much as possible before changing your diet.

How can you ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need?

When following a plant-based diet there are some key nutrients that you should focus on.

Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D & B12. Many people on a plant based diet take vitamin B12 as a supplement. I don’t know why, as this is found in beetroot, which I eat at least twice a day.

Still not sure, take a look on and watch

The Game Changers and then watch What The Health

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