Marathon training for beginners

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Chris & Svenja meet Paula Radcliffe @ Chicago Marathon

Just a few of the runners I have coached to their first Marathon, Iceland, London, Paris, New York, Valencia, Berlin, Chicago, Indonesia and many more.

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Femi Paris Marathon
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Julia Marathon
Marathon for beginners
Amanda Valencia Marathon
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Sonia Birmingham Half
New York Marathon
New York Marathon
Marathon for beginners
London Marathon

Congratulation you are on your way to your first marathon!

First let me introduce myself: Paul Fletcher masters athlete and a former UK athletics Endurance Coach of 20 years.

800m European Champion.
European Champion

Endurance is everything, my endurance enabled me to win 3 Gold medals over 800m, 1500m and 10000m @ the European Masters Championships Italy 2019.

The training for a Marathon, is almost exactly the same as my training, which includes training 6 days every week. You may prefer to run just 4 or 5 times a week, during your build up to your first Marathon.

Papua New Guinea

Don't think about a time, your first Marathon goal is to finish the 26.2-mile race and feel good.

Marathon training for beginners
Indonesia Marathon

Many people decide to run their first Marathon and raise money for their favourite charity. This gives a goal or purpose to the training and helps immensely. This commitment, both personal and heart felt, will drive you through the finish line, knowing many will benefit from all your endeavours.

Berlin Marathon
Berlin Marathon

Many of our guests decide to travel the world running Marathons. A fabulous excuse for a holiday ! a Marathon gives you a purpose to go to new places, keep fit and meet new people along the way. Monica below, travelled to Indonesia for her first Marathon. How far will you go ?

Marathon for beginners
Bromo Marathon

The training plan below is just an example, as all training schedules are bespoke to the individual. You can not choose a training schedule online and just hope...

Marathon Training Plan For Beginners

Monday Walk 30mins
Tuesday 5min walk, 10min easy jog, 5min walk
Wednesday Walk 30mins
Thursday 5min walk, 10min easy jog, 5min walk
Friday Walk 30mins
Sat  5min walk, 10min easy jog, 5min walk

Any training plan needs to be progressive, pushing you just a little more every week.

Monday Walk 35mins
Tuesday 5min walk, 12min easy jog, 5min walk
Wednesday Core & Stretching - Pilates or Yoga
Thursday 5min walk, 8min easy jog, 5min walk, 8min easy jog.
Friday Walk 35mins
Sat 5min walk, 12min easy jog, 5min walk

It is not just a case of increasing the work load each week. You must mix up your training as

much as possible, slowly introducing new elements into the plan. Until your plan is similar to

the plan below. This takes months of work, too much too quickly and you get injured.

Monday 5 x 4mins, with 2mins rest.
Tuesday 60min jog
Wednesday 7 x 3mins with 2mins rest
Thursday 75mins
Friday Core & Stretching
Sat 1: 40min long easy run.

The training of Kipchoge. London Marathon Winner and current World Record Holder

15 x 1000m with 2mins rest. These are done at his Half Marathon Pace

8 x 800m with 2mins rest, these are done at his 3km race pace.

10 x 400m with 1min rest, these are done at his mile pace with 1min rest.

Long run of about 32km.

Mixing up the training increases your endurance faster than just training at the same pace every day.

5 Marathon Training Tips

  •  Keep a training diary.
  •  Increase training load by 10% per week
  •  Run as often as possible.
  •  Vary your training as much as possible, with long slow and shorter faster runs.
  •  Try a yoga class once per week, for stretching, balance and help to avoid injuries.

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