Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why train with us and not just use a free online running programme.

Because online schedules can not take into account your current fitness, current race pace, work commitments, other responsibilities and they don't answer your questions every week.

Also, if you use a standard online programme, you will not know why you are doing a specific training session, at a certain pace, such as  5 x 1000m. We tell you why and when one of our coaches changes your training pace, we tell you why it has been changed and what we hope to improve.

Over a period of weeks, we will tell you why you are asked to do specific workouts and, how we are changing your programme to fit your progress.

Helping you to not just get fitter and faster but understand why it is working. Most runners just do as they are told and have no idea what they are doing or why ! It is good to have a coach but an understanding is paramount, if you wish to improve.

    2. How long are the training plans

All the plans are a standard 12 weeks in length, e-mailed every 6 weeks, to take into account your progress over the  6 week period. Specific plans may however be up to 52 weeks or more, this may be as simple as adding base training or a more complex speed modules, depending upon the goals and objectives of the runner.

    3. How much does it cost

Specific Race plans from as little as £20 per month

Custom plans for individuals are £ 50 per month

Personal Coaching 1:2:1   £ 90 per month.


Can we guarantee you will get faster?

YES ! Everyone who has followed one of our running plans, either a specific plan or 1:2:1 coaching has improved more than with their own programme and improved their PB.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We are available to answer your questions within 24hrs