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Although we all want the same thing, success, everyone is different. That is the reason I do not produce generic plans for athletes such as yourself. You can go online and find a plan to get you through to your first Half Ironman and good luck with that.


I appreciative, that the new world of digital technology, means increased leisure time for many and affluence too. This together with the growth of Triathletes in the sport, at varying depths of ability, has created a profession for Triathlon coaches, which is valued by many.


There are no packages to choose from, no gold, silver or bronze. There is only one package and that is, the right one for you, based on your goals and objectives. Working with you on a 1 to 1 basis, no group coaching.

Consultation - after a number of emails, you are sent a comprehensive questionnaire, from which I will write the basis of your training schedule.


Monthly training schedules and ongoing advice

Once the form is returned, you will receive an invoice for Β£65 pounds. Further to the invoice being paid, within 7 days you will receive a plan we can both work from.

Further payments are due on the 15th day of each calendar month, via standing order.

You may choose to buy a generic plan online, or pay more for another coach, but do you really want a coach with less experience, less proven 'success' andΒ lesser qualifications.


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