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Coaching courses online from Paul Fletcher B.Ed

Former UKA Endurance Coach of 20 years

800m - 1500m - 10000m
European Champions 2019 

Voted British Masters Athlete 2019 : by Athletics Weekly

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Who The Course Is Designed For

This certified coaching course is for designed for anyone with an interest in coaching and helping runners achieve their potential. A good coach has a skill, with the ability to teach others. You may be the world record holder for 5km but that does not mean you will make a good coach. Will you make a good coach ? If you are interested in coaching and enjoy helping others, chances are you will make a good coach.

Learn From A Champion

Being a European Champion at 800m, 1500m & 10,000m ( 2019 )  is remarkable, in fact it is unique, never been done before.

There are however many aspects to being a good running coach, my personal achievements are just one part. I love what I do, coaching has been my life and will continue to be. My experience and achievements not only enable me to put a running schedule together but, educate you to understand, the ‘how’ and ‘why’. I know what is needed to put a running schedule together for a Champion, just follow in my footsteps. I will teach you how to create a progressive running schedule with testing and periodisation.


After the Coaching course online, you will understand & realise the importance of:

  • Periodisation
  • Progressive training schedules
  • The 5 Tier training system
  • How to increase core strength.
  • Integrating goals into the training plans

As a coach you need to know the purpose of individual muscles. You will be a better coach if you understand how a runners body works, rather than just being able to name the parts.

The calf muscle:

What role does this play and
which exercises will increase its size, 

You need to know why a particular training session leaves an athlete with sore quads or why he/she has symptoms of iliotibial band syndrome, the day after.

The curriculum is divided into 15 online training modules, giving you the coach the necessary background knowledge. There will be questions enclosed within each module. Complete these in your own time and send the answers back to me. When all modules are complete, ask for the final test to be sent. You will be send a further final test via e mail. Complete the test within 72hrs and return.


1: Anaerobic - Aerobic
2: Skeletal System
3: Muscular System
4: Energy Systems

5: Base training
6: Lactate Threshold 
7: Interval Training 

09: Periodisation
10: Pacing
11: 5 Tier System
12: Core Strength
13: Nutrition
14: Common Injuries 
15: Running Schedules

Your Questions Answered

    •  Can I apply no matter where I live.

    •  What is the cost
      The total cost £250
    •  I do not have a background in coaching or exercise, can I apply
      Yes no problem
    • How long does each module take
      You are free to study at your own pace
    • Is the final test online
      No the test is e mailed to you
    • How long is the final test
      You have 72hrs to return the test
    • What happens if I fail
      Retake the test, no fee
    • Is there a recurring fee
      No annual fees
    • When am I issued my certificate
      Within one week of completing the course

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