Coaching Costs

Goals & Objectives.

Ideally the briefing will include a meeting via skype, if that is practical. This usually lasts around 75 minutes and is backed up by a personalised email within 48hrs.

It would be helpful if you can identify an event-race a minimum of 12 weeks away, and ideally longer, say around 24 or 26 weeks.

I will look at the event-race, and taking into account your level of fitness, project a realistic and achievable target.

We can also discuss suitable short term goals along the way, these may be 5km or 10km races or time trials. The short term goals will offer feedback for our discussions and assist in making changes to the programme easier.Costs
Prices are as follows:

A 14 day bespoke plan, with backup for 1 month from the date of purchase, £50. You may wish to consider buying this as a gift for a friend. 

Monthly customised training plans and ongoing advice £65 pcm by monthly standing order. The Fee is pro rata, if you are training for an event in 18 weeks time, you will be charged for 18 weeks, not 5 months in.

A meeting, via skype, including, feedback from questionnaire, backed up by detailed email debrief – £110 (payable via paypal or direct bank transfer)

 Any gifts will be followed up with the runner on receipt of full payment.1-to-1 personal online coaching –  From a Triple European Champion You could choose a coach with less experience, less proven ‘success’ and lesser qualifications.  Choose a coach you can be proud of

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