About Paul Fletcher

If you want a running coach, choose a winner, a competitive coach, with proven results, not just another finisher ! 

Paul has always loved running, competing in high school and at college level, racing middle distance through to the Marathon event.  Currently training for the World Masters Athletics Championships, in Malaga - Sept 2018, 800m and 1500m and 5000m. Paul  believes he can win and so can you, with a positive attitude and the right training. If you believe you can win, you will... let Paul help you fulfill your full potential

Paul believes everyone can fulfill their true potential with the right training programme. Many runners train much too hard and too fast, whilst trying hard to improve. In order to fulfill your potential, you have to train at your current level of fitness. Adding speed and mileage gradually, giving your body time to recover between sessions, this enables you to get stronger and faster without getting injured ! Simple but true.

Paul's  training programmes works, by taking into account his current fitness, lifestyle, work and personal interests. In simple terms, a bespoke schedule that works for him, not because it is a magic formula but because its rhythm is in time with his life.

Paul started coaching in 1998 offering a range of training and bespoke coaching options for all levels of runners, from young athletes to Veterans, regardless of their current fitness level, experience or personal goals. 

He applies the lessons he has learned through his personal years of experience of being a competitive athlete and coaching experience of 20 years, to help athletes fulfill their potential. His passion is helping runners train smarter, prevent injuries, and race faster. Paul is currently racing competitively every month, without injury, whilst awaiting the World Masters Athletics Championships in Malaga 2018... training to win.

Masters Athletics

Paul Fletcher

Qualified UK Athletics Coach and Competitive Runner

Paul currently training for the World Masters Athletics Championships, Malaga - Sept 2018, 800m and 1500m and 5000m. Believing he stands a very good chance of winning.  With the right training, Paul believes you could fulfill your dreams... let Paul help you fulfill your full potential

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