1 to 1 Coaching


Consultation via skype or facetime.

Before you decide to have a consultation, feel free to e mail any questions you wish.

Do you have a few questions about your training and need some guidance. Sometimes all we need is a little advise and a push in the right direction.

Offering guidance and having the opportunity to have all your questions answered, will take you to the next level.

After an initial E-mail, your 1-to-1 consultation can be 100% tailored to your needs, your chance to gain the knowledge, to change your training for a fitter faster you.

Possible areas you may wish to discussion?

  • Your past races,
  • Your present training
  • short and long term objectives
  • Writing training plans
  • Race strategy
  • Nutrition
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Psychological techniques
  • The next challenge - Goals
  • Time management

These are just a few examples, I can cover any topic you wish to discuss.

How long are the consultations?

  • 1-to-1 consultation's are either 60 or 90 minutes

What does it cost?

  • Consultation via skype, facetime or phone
  • 90mins £75
  • 60mins £50 

Yes you can find a cheaper online coach, who has a qualification gained online ! and never run at international level. You do get what you pay for:

Paul is an international athlete, & Qualified Coach,  having just defeated the World Champion over 800m and 1500m, in Italy 2019.

Do you really want a coach with less experience, less proven 'success' and lesser qualifications.

Choose a coach you can be proud of

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