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Last week, a Belgian-Dutch research team self-published a report advising runner, they should take extra care while passing others while running, as coronavirus respiratory droplets might spread further than the 2m buffer recommended by public health officials.

It suggested people directly behind a runner or cyclist — but not beside — should leave extra space beyond the two-metre minimum recommended in physical distancing guidelines. That means 10 metres for a runner and even more for a cyclist. Run solo- keep your distance

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The only athlete ever to attain: European Championship Gold Medals @ 800m, 1500m & 10000m Paul Fletcher team GB.

Whether you are an out and out beginner or a seasoned competitor, I can give you that Championship edge to accomplish all of your goals. Your ambition may be to lose weight, run your first 5km or to get a marathon PB. You can count on me to be there, every step of the way!

Your running coach online, Paul Fletcher, has 40 years experience as an athlete, & Qualified Endurance Running Coach.

Voted British Masters Athlete of the Year 2019 by Athletics Weekly

Do you really want a coach with less experience, less proven 'success' and lesser qualifications, its your choice.

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I specialise in endurance coaching, which is of paramount importance, whether you are a 5km or Marathon Runners and of course this is just as important for Triathletes. From beginner to elite, whatever your fitness. I take into account every aspect of your training, giving you guidance and your training both structure & progressive consistency, which in turn will ensure a focused training schedule.  Testimonials

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